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Zac Power – Solar Service and Maintenance

Looking for an expert to install, service and take care of your solar or battery system?

Budget constraints – worried about the level of expertise – warranty issues – whatever the needs Zac Power offers the finest solar service and maintenance services to help power up your urban or rural, short-term or long-term projects tailored within your budget.

Did you know that debris and residue such as dirt, dust and grime, pollution, bird droppings, lichen and salt can significantly reduce the efficiency of your solar system by a large margin? Keeping them clean and well-maintained is the first step towards improving the performance output of your system!

Operating for more than 8 years in the field, we have been extending the lifespan of solar and battery systems in and around Cowra, NSW, helping them keep their solar system running smoothly and efficiently. For greater energy efficiency and better return on your investments, Zac Power is the right choice for you!

Here are Zac Power, we specialise in servicing, maintenance and repairing of solar power systems – regardless of its brand or products! We are always available to offer you with an expert advice on your current solar condition.

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Zac Power Services

Zac Power offers comprehensive electrical services in Cowra and surrounding areas, boasting over 8 years of experience, licensed electricians, and a commitment to top-notch workmanship and professionalism.

Solar Services
Solar installations, maintenance, panels, inverters, battery & off-grid.
Electrical Services
Zac Power provide top-quality electrical services in Cowra NSW.
Air Conditioning
Expert installation for split systems and ducted air conditioning units.
We focus on delivering a personalised service throughout Cowra and surrounds. Providing a trusted local service to the community and exceed customer satisfaction on every job.
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